Giving Back

More people are becoming aware of the natural benefits of unrefined Shea butter and with this increased interest the demand for the product grows. During the development stages of the Emi & Ben we were exposed to the sheer hard work of those involved in the making of unrefined Shea butter. From the start we made a promise to ensure we purchased our unrefined Shea butter directly from local women in West Africa. Not only for the reason that the product is sustainable because it is hand harvested and hand produced, but also because it allows the local people of Africa to be in control of their resources as the production of Shea butter has the potential to help poor Africans.

Practically anyone can gather and sell the Shea nuts, (since no equipment or capital is needed to do so); however, to gather shea nuts is not an easy task. The process is an extremely labour intensive job, which finds many women and children walking miles each day in search for Shea nut trees. For those who have been lucky enough to travel to Africa, the site of a woman or child transporting goods on their heads will be no surprise. It is by this method the Shea nuts are gathered and taken to the destination where the painstaking process of drying and cracking the nuts takes place. This is why Emi & Ben as a company believe it is important for those who are involved in the initial stages of producing unrefined Shea butter are paid a fair price and paid directly for their efforts and hard work.

Emi & Ben work with local families who produce Shea nuts to help ‘give back’ to them and their local community. Our vision is to give 10% of company profits each year to the local women who produce our Shea butter and reside and who rely on social responsible companies like us to help the residents sustain a standard of life which those living in the Western world often take for granted. We hope you will support us, support them.